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Spiky Profile: Empowering Neurodiversity at Work

One common challenge faced by neurodivergent individuals and organizations is effectively supporting neurodivergent challenges while identifying their strengths. A significant aspect of this challenge lies in the difficulty neurodivergent individuals often experience in understanding, discovering, and implementing their own strengths and challenges.

Introducing the Spiky Profiles, a powerful strength-based assessment tool developed at Birkbeck University’s Neurodiversity at the Workplace Research Center and ISO Approved.

This tool is designed to identify strengths and challenges, offering over 450 personalized strategies. It’s ideal for individuals and businesses alike, providing insights for effective team assessments to enhance support through accommodations and training.

As an executive function coach, utilizing a psychological profile tool is essential for guiding coachees. That’s why I’ve partnered with one of the top UK neurodiversity consulting firms. This collaboration enhances my ability to support clients and businesses effectively.

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