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Podcast: Take a leap & Transform, A Neurodiversity Journey Podcast

About the show

Every two weeks, my purpose is to bring you through a journey of Neurodiversity awareness and skillsets in the workplace and with entrepreneurs. This is all about transforming our mindset, finding purpose, discovering our superpowers, setting clear goals and creating solutions that will increase productivity and profitability by becoming more inclusive and diverse.

Latest Episode

Joseph K Muscat Consulting

Episode 01: Welcome to my podcast


In this inaugural episode, I launch my podcast where I give a quick bio, explain this channel is about Neurodiversity in the workplace and entrepreneurs.

Episode 02: Neurodiversity: Do you know who you work with?

A workplace environment is filled with a wide variety of people.  Some are recognized others are ignored, while others face Neurodiversity challenges that are not understood or supportive.  Employes and managers can see these employees challenges as difficult because, for example, they have time management or focusing issues; which, in turn, leads to productivity concerns….

Podcast: Take a leap & Transform, A Neurodiversity Journey PodcastEpisode 03: Neurodiversity: Focus On their Strengths, not their challenges

Has any manager, hr, or owner ever said to you, if I had known that you were ADHD or Dyslexic or … I’ll let you fill in the blank, that I would have never hired you!

And, this could be despite the fact that you have worked for them for several years where you may have performed well at your job and yet they only see your difference and immediately discriminate.

In today’s episode, I provide some examples of skills you would want when hiring a Neurodiversity individual…

Episode 04: Neurodiversity: Learned Helplessness

We often get caught in this vicious internal cycle, where we believe we can’t accomplish anything because of our learning difficulties. We become to believe that we are not capable of a particular subject or task because we are not good enough or we are just not intelligent.

When this goes unchecked, it leads to depression, it can affect intelligence, lead to low performance and, of course, poor self-esteem

What do we call this?

We know this as Learned helplessness…

New episodes

I  publish every two weeks on Wednesday at 9:00 am.

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