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Episode 10: Life With Asperger's With Andrew Marsh Part 2


As a young boy and throughout much of his adult life, Andrew Marsh knew he was different and didn’t know why till the age of 51, where he was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome.

In part 2  of my interview with Andrew, he goes into detail about how he become diagnosed with Aspergers, how his life was afterwards and then this followed by three essential tips that any business can apply when either employing or integrating an existing employee with Asperger’s into their organization.

Today Andrew is a speaker, author and consultant. Through, his various outlets, Andrew helps to bring awareness about Asperger’s in adults and works with businesses to help them see the benefits in both employing and providing support to their Asperger’s employees.

You can Find Andrew Marsh at:

You can also find his books on his


Key Take-Aways

  • Understanding who you are why

  • Identifying and relating to the human being behind the diagnoses

  • Some of the historical innovators were on the spectrum

  • Neurodiverse talent are pioneers and could be an asset to any business

  • Freedom to express yourself 

  • Possible ideal position for an Asparagus in your business is research and development
  • Engaging with an Asparagus employee
    • Have a brief
      • Give time to process
      • Allow for questions and answer them
    • Create a safe space
    • Review that goes both ways
    • No matter the size of your business be willing to make an adjustment
  • Listen to them as they are giving you the queue on how to communicate with them

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