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Turn a Leaf and transform your management

The cores of a team or department are managers. They are the ones who engage and rally their team to reach objectives and yet they lack the skills and motivation because employers and businesses are not building managers to succeed.

Businesses use the wrong criteria when looking for a manager. They promote or hire based on who can outperform, reach targets, who have the highest success rates and managers are promoted or hired on this metric.

From a Neurodiverse perspective, businesses lack an understanding, of the skills on how to support this talent and often confront this talent with distrust and opposition.

Part of the problem is businesses, human resources and management see employee interaction as a constructional encounter rather than from a holistic, nurturing, approach. As a result:

  • Talent is disengaged and unmotivated
  • There is a lack of productivity, creativity and innovation
  • Managers do not cultivate talent
  • They placed focus on an employee’s challenges rather than their strengths
  • The retention rate is poor

With my Turn a Leaf Management Training Program, we transform managers into coaches and mentors who lead their teams through motivation and inspiration.

The training program will:

  • Provide Neurodiversity Awareness 
  • Create the right mindset
  • Orchestrate People-centric approach
  • Develop communication skills and the transfer of knowledge 
  • Teach Solution Focus and habit-forming skill sets
  • Productivity strategies
  • Link all of this to nurturing Neurodiverse Talent
  • Provide you with a new set of system strategies that you can apply
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