Project Management Consultation

Reach your desired outcome by creating successful projects

For many years I ran my own business where I managed and aided clients with their projects. Over that time I saw, through my own struggles and those of my clients, the lack of governance required to manage a successful project.

I have seen, from first-hand experience how small businesses have their hands in many areas and thus struggle to manage their day to day tasks. Further to that, they often have an ongoing project on top of their already excessive workload which also requires their attention but, understandably, they don’t have the energy or manpower available to properly execute it.

This is where I come in – to provide support to their organization. I have studied many project management methodologies along with being certified in Prince2 Project Management. I also have proven experience applying these methodologies to help companies that have a lack of knowledge in project management or need guidance in order to execute a project successfully.

I make a difference

The best solutions is when you
first identify the difference it makes before starting

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