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Joseph K Muscat Consulting

October 4th 2021

I was a guest on Illum with Step, where Stephanie Spiteri, interviewed me about what is Neurodiversity and how to include neurodiverse employees in the workplace. 

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November 18th 2021

I was asked to write an article titled “Incorporate neurodiverse talent into your business” for Malta Business Weekly.

In the article, I explained what is Neurodiversity, the challenges they face in the workplace and how to incorporate their strengths.

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Joseph K Muscat Neurodiversity Consultancy

August 23, 2023

MaltaCeo invited me to share my thoughts and strategies for leaders and managers to establish inclusive environments for Neurodivergent talent. This article emphasizes the role of understanding #ExecutiveFunction in promoting psychological safety and career satisfaction for all employees.

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Joseph K Muscat ConsultingFall of 2022

In the fall of 2022, I was asked to be a regular guest on the tv program ‘Ġimgħa b’Ġimgħa’ Each month I introduced new topics in relation to Neurodiversity in the workplace.

September 2022
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