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I remember when I was in high school (EU/middle/senior school,) various colleges and universities visited us about why we should choose them. They talked about campus life and what programs they offer or what they are known for. One recruiter did stand out, not because of what they offered, but rather what she said, which was “you need to prepare yourself with various skills because in 5 or 15 years you may find yourself in a completely different career than you had planned.”

Sure enough, I have experienced and have seen many other colleges move from one career path to the next, carrying with their knowledge and new skills to either a higher level of that profession or in a completely new profession entirely.

For Neurodivergent, this is even more true because of either the various opportunities present or due to the challenges they may have faced in employment where they find themselves unemployed, left wondering where what they do now?

The answer to that is a career development consultant who can guide you in:

  • Identifying your strengths
  • Develop productivity strategies to support your challenges
  • Discovery your why
  • Understand how to leverage them towards an alternative career path or even entrepreneurship
  • Promote yourself through storytelling
  • Lastly, create your own personal value proposition
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