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Take a leap & transform

Throughout my extensive experience in entrepreneurship and various professional roles, I have encountered three significant challenges that have shaped my understanding of the importance of fostering Neurodivergent talent. Firstly, the lack of awareness and understanding among employers and managers regarding the unique thinking and working styles of individuals with Neurodivergent traits. Secondly, the need for comprehensive knowledge and strategies to provide appropriate accommodations, support, productivity strategies, and coaching tailored to Neurodivergent individuals. Lastly, the absence of management awareness, skills, and resources to effectively foster and cultivate Neurodivergent talent for the long-term benefit of both the individual and the company as a whole.

These challenges have inspired me to dedicate my time to self-improvement and acquiring the necessary knowledge and skill set to overcome these obstacles. As someone who has personally experienced learning difficulties, I have become a passionate advocate for individuals facing similar challenges and a valuable resource for business owners seeking guidance in implementing transformative changes to accommodate Neurodivergent talent.

I invite you to join me in taking a leap forward, embracing a new perspective, and unlocking the untapped potential within your organization.

I make a difference

My mission: to help individuals and companies take a leap and transform themselves and their business

When you support people, build relationships, your projects and business will flourish

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In all services, I begin with an examination of your current practices, internal systems and then I can identify what does and doesn’t make difference.


Develop A Strategy

We look at the key areas, identify what is working, what is not and plan out the implementation of solutions


Project Management

All three of our services are in their own right is a project.  Regardless of what service you choose, the strategy will be managed and segmented into stages to ensure that solutions are rolled out correctly.


Coaching, Training & Review

Through every step, I will be coaching you and provide you with the training that is needed to ensure the system created and maintained.

This is then followed by a review to provide additional support and identify the difference that was made.

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