For Good Leaders <br>People Matter

For Good Leaders
People Matter

Entrepreneurs and managers need a team member(s) to be productive and they speak to their team without understanding how to communicate.

Many people intake and give back information differently for example if you tell me to go right and I go left you will see me as a problem.

This could mean that you as the entrepreneur or you the manager have a team memeber(s) who have learning difficulties aka the invisibility disability, such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD or working memory.

What does that mean, this means that majority of individuals and companies do not know what learning difficulties are, are unaware that they employ people with learning difficulties and do not know how to provide reasonable accommodations to support to these employees in their companies so they can be more productive and valued.

I help Entrepreneurs and companies understand how valuable it is to hire persons who are neurodiverse and this is accomplished by providing cost-effective productivity techniques that are taught to HR, Managers, and those team members who need support.

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My process

A sneak peak
into the program




In all services, I begin with an examination of your current work environment, managers, HR policies, and team members. Then I can identify what does and doesn’t make difference.


What are learning difficulties 

I explain what are learning difficulties, what it is not and how being neurodiverse can strengthen any business.



We think we know how to communicate but focus more on giving instruction than learning how to listen.


Productivity Stratgies

I walk you through what are reasonable accommodations, provide samples and start to introduce you to productivity strategies.

I make a difference

The best solutions is
where people matter

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