About me


Hi, I’m Joseph.

I would like to illustrate how my new venture came about and to do that I have to tell you a bit more about myself and my journey. Hopefully, this will inspire you to accept yourself for who you are and you will be able to relate.

I am neurodiverse... not sure what that is...? Well, simply put, it's a person who has been diagnosed with one or more learning disabilities. In my case, I have few; Visual Motor, Visual Perception, Working Memory, and Dyslexia. This has been both a struggle and a blessing for me; over the course of my education, relationships, employment and my various businesses.

I was diagnosed with visual motor and visual perception at school age and to this day I am still trying to fully understand what they mean. Both my family and teachers were not able to offer me sufficient support. Struggling at school became the norm for me, but I persevered. Despite these challenges, I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from York University and then later on I continued on to study at Humber College, in Toronto Canada.

My path was set.  I would be a professional photographer... and I remained on that path for 20+ years. Over my years following this path, I developed my entrepreneurial skills in order to be able to consult many clients with their projects, objectives, social media marketing, business development and client relations.

In 2014, we embarked on a new adventure out of Canada and moved to Malta as a family, to seek new challenges and opportunities for us. This is where I re-evaluated my path and took a step back from photography in order to focus on other business opportunities. I carved out a new path for myself where I worked with various companies in project management and business development.

2018 was a turning point for me. I was in my third job on the island, which was very stressful, my learning disabilities were showing, I couldn’t hide them anymore. It affected me emotionally which in turn affected my family...

Over the years I had searched for private support in relation to my learning disabilities. This was challenging as learning difficulties are often perceived as a childhood problem and thus there is very little support available to adults. Not being able to find the support I needed, led me to take the challenge upon myself and create a system that I could implement to help me in my entrepreneurship. It entailed lots of trial and error, many workshops and books to read. But in the end, I finally can say that I have created a Seven-Step Transformative Management Methodology  (SSTMM) solution for adults with learning disabilities who are either running their own business or are employed. I believe that if it is implemented correctly it will greatly improve the working environment and provide a solution to their challenges.

This was the birth of my consultancy business.

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