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Episode 15: The Center for Learning Unlimited: Interview with Marlene Sharp


This week I am pleased to have with me Marlene Sharp.  Marlene dawns from LA United States of America where she runs her own Productions Company, Pink Poddel Production,  and has worked with such TV/Film houses as SEGA America where she helped produced the nominated show Sonic Boom.  Along with her TV credits, Marlene has gained notoriety in film festivals, such as La Femme, for her short films, plus built a portfolio of journalistic articles.  

Marlene joins us today not to talk about her TV/Film credits because Marlene is here to tell us about The Centre of Learning Unlimited, as a school that has created a 3-year Animation training program for Autistic Adults and out of this was born Brainstorm Productions, where the graduates work on various projects within the TV & Film Industry. 


Visit the  Center for Learning Unlimited

Marlene Sharpe 
Pink Poddel Production


Key Take-Aways

  • School dedicated to providing Animation skills to Autistics adults
  • Instructors are industry professionals & California Institute of the Arts Graduates 
  • Learning how to collaborate
  • Program is a combination of academics and life skills
  • Creation of production company
  • The production company has become award-winning

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