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Episode 44: Welcome diverse thinking with Ed Thompson


Innovation doesn’t come from new technology or through the acquisition of a company.  Innovation comes from the cultivation of diverse thinkers and neurodivergent talent is an untapped pool of talent that can make a business more competitive.

In episode 44, I welcome Ed Thompson, the Founder & CEO of Uptimize, a company dedicated to bringing Neurodiversity inclusion in the workplace.

Ed has written his first book, ‘A Hidden Force: Unlocking the Potential of Neurodiversity at Work,”  he describes what his company has accomplished and seen when neurodivergent talent thrives in the workplace and how as well as why businesses should cultivate such talent.   

Key Take-Aways

  • What inspired him to start Uptimize

  • The life span of business & innovation

  • How receptive has business been

  • Why he wrote the book
  • How to tackle mental health caused by barriers
  • How small businesses can be inclusive
  • Why should leaders read his book

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