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Episode 16: What Does it Mean to Be Overwhelmed: Interview With Maria-Gabriele Doublesin


As Neurodiverse individuals we are constantly adjusting to fit into the environments we are working in where we need to meet expectations we set for ourselves and from what others expect of us.  During these times we can end up being overwhelmed, but what does that truly mean?

Today we are joined by Maria-Gabriele Doublesin of Intercultural,who walks us through the understanding of what it means to be overwhelmed, how this impacts us mentally and physically, what can the workplace can do and what we can do.

Key Take-Aways

  • What is meant to be Overwhelmed

  • Cause & Affect

  • Having a different capacity

  • Overwhelmed & Executive Function
  • Understanding anger & how it relates to being overwhelmed

  • Workplace contribution to being Overwhelmed

  • Creating a needs-based approach
  • What strategies can the individual apply

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