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Episode 6: Neurodiversity: Mental Health In The Workplace


Are you facing an unbearable wall with no one to turn to? Or are you told to move on, take a pill and just deal with it?

Let’s be honest, mental health in the workplace is not a new topic. We know it is an issue that will not go away and it faces resistance in environments where co-workers, managers and employers do not want to acknowledge mental health because it is ‘taboo’. What makes this more challenging is the lack of understanding that the mind and body are connected, which means poor mental health can and does affect the body. Yet, many individuals who deal with these issues daily are afraid to be open up to what they face, both with their family or on the job.

Now, let’s throw Neurodiversity on top of mental health. 

When we put the two side by side, we see there are quite a few similarities: No one wants to acknowledge that the two exist in the workplace; there is an unwillingness to talk about the two; the work environment may not be safe to mention it and both are viewed as ‘taboo’ and no one wants to deal with them…

Key Take-Aways

  • Mental Health and Neurodiversity are taboo in the workplace

  • ADHD, according to the Attention Deficit Disorder Association of America, 30% are more likely to face difficulty in the workplace and 60% are most likely to put into the unemployment line.

  • UK survey on mental health, those individuals who were dyslexic repotted to have suicidal thoughts.

  • Be People-Centric

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